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Granite Links.  One of my favorite venues.  People love to get married there because the food is phenomenal, the views are amazing, and there are these funky little ruins that you can get photos in that are so unique and so cool–and for a couple of Game of Thrones fans, the perfect spot to memorialize your big day.  When I asked Maureen to tell me what she was the most excited about for her wedding day besides getting married (which is of course the highlight) she told me two things: 1. dancing and 2. getting photos in the ruins.  So of course we built our timeline around getting photos in front of that killer backdrop.  What we didn’t account for, however, was for the weather to be bright and sunny up until the exact minute of Maureen and Adam’s wedding ceremony and only letting up for a few moments for us to run right outside the tent to get photos. We knew the day before the wedding that getting photos there after the ceremony was most likely going to be difficult and messy due to the weather, but we weren’t banking on it being impossible.  We did improvise and get a few shots of just Maureen there, but her dream of bridal party and couples photos was washed away (excuse the pun).

Why am I telling you all of this?  Because it truly shows you how much Maureen and Adam are in love.  Maureen really could have shown her disappointment–she could have stamped her feet and cried and been stressed that the one thing she had wanted on her wedding day didn’t happen…but she didn’t even complain once.  Not when we moved the ceremony inside, or when we tried to go down to the ruins but got blasted by the rain that was soaking us sideways forcing us to give in and give up.  She was only focused on one thing: marrying Adam…and everyone could feel how in love they were when they locked eyes when they first saw one another during the ceremony and the very happy tears were flowing more than the rain outside.  These two were made for one another and I know they will be able to weather any storm that comes there way.

The weather didn’t dampen the spirit of the wedding either–rainy nights make for epic dance parties and Maureen and Adam boogied the whole night with one another.
He wasn’t there the whole time, but I loved that Maureen’s dad stopped in to see his baby girl get ready for a few moments.
2019-07-19_0007.jpgMaureen’s dress was three separate pieces and three separate designers that she put together.  It was STUNNING.
2019-07-19_0008.jpgMy pretty girl…
The (very, very, very humid) calm before the big storm…
2019-07-19_0019.jpgI was watching the sky like a hawk and we ran outside during the ten minutes the rain let up…
A bride who eats ice cream on the dance floor is my kinda girl…


I am so happy for you guys and hope you had nothing but sunny skies in Hawaii!  Can’t wait to see you again soon!

Maureen & Adam’s Granite Links Wedding | Boston Wedding Photographer

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