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The shiplap dilemma  over here…I’ve posted all about the drama of debating whether or not to do in our bathroom on instastories so you’ll have to follow along to see what the answer is but it is stressing me out!  I decided I want an accent wall in our bathroom and measured and went to Home Depot this am to buy the wood (I was really proud of myself because I used an actual tape measure…last time I tried to do a real home improvement I measured with my arm and told the guy to cut the wood the same distance as my wrist to my elbow…it did not go over very well with the construction crowd.)  I made the mistake, or maybe not a mistake, of finding a worker there that told me NOT to shiplap in a bathroom because the wood will get moldy.  If I lived in a normal house I’d probably ignore the advice and do anyway, but we live in an old old old victorian row house and although I’m obsessed with the character, there are a lot of things that the 1880 builder just didn’t install the best–like ventilation in the bathroom–heck, was there even a bathroom when this house was built?  Probably not.  So now I have less than 24 hours to decide if I want to take fashion over function.  Current me says heck yes…but One Year From Now Me will hate myself if the Home Depot man was right.  What would you do?

Me?  I’m going to make it all go away and just look at these pictures of little Charlotte instead.  I can literally feel my shoulders relax as I transition to writing about shiplap to Charlotte.  She is a little love–as are her sweet parents who I had the absolute pleasure of meeting a few weekends ago.  I absolutely loved my morning with them and am thrilled I can relive the time we spent through these pictures (isn’t it great when work is a stress relief?)  One of my favorite parts of this job is that I get to know my neighbors, and even though I’m 100 years older than Lauren and Paul I feel so happy our paths crossed and we were able to find some connections (like my May wedding couple Joe and Casey).  They are super sweet, super smart, and I think together they may end up ruling the world.  Charlotte has some pretty good footsteps to follow…2019-07-22_0018.jpg
2019-07-22_0003.jpgBaby’s First View: the city of Boston…no big deal.
2019-07-22_0021.jpgWelcome to Charlestown Little Charlotte!  I’m so happy you are here.

Baby Charlotte | Boston Newborn Photographer

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