There are certain things you should know about me:
☆ I put potato chips in my sandwich.
☆ I had the best haircut of my life at age 3. I’m still hunting for a hairdresser who can surpass that glorious 80s bowl cut.
☆ I was named after my grandmother and desperately wanted a “normal” name growing up. The older I get, the more blessed I feel to carry a piece of her around with me wherever I go.
☆ I believe, hands down, that Andy Cohen is the most brilliant creative genius who ever lived.
☆ I still have pictures from my very first photo shoot: 1988, disposable camera, total framers.

I am passionate about making details like these—the small, everyday snapshots of your life—into memorable moments to not only remember, but look at forever
I adore spending time with new people: couples just starting their lives together, adorable little toddlers with lopsided grins and eyes full of mischief, and families that are constantly changing and growing. The thought that our photo session, our collaboration, will result in images that will one day be shared with your grandchildren, or even your grandchildren’s grandchildren, makes me smile from ear to ear. I’m not just interested in taking a pretty picture (though I love pretty pictures, don’t get me wrong!). I’m interested in taking photos that say something about you. I see potential everywhere—cobblestone streets, a Radio Flyer wagon, your polka dot shirt—and I mix and match in order to capture the extremely unique and practically perfect version of you that all your friends and family are lucky enough to know.



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As a natural light photographer, the world is my studio, but you can find me editing at our in-home office space...usually with one of my right hand guys sitting next to me. 

the studio

Sauce is an excellent photography subject, but doesn’t have the best photographic eye (mostly because he can’t see past his hair). His strengths include panting, pulling on his leash, and being occasionally obedient.

sauce the dog

Can talk his way out of any sticky situation with silly expressions and super sweet dance moves. Has the world's biggest sweet tooth.

Nico babe

Always ready to tell you exactly what to do and how to do it.  Also may be after my job. 

Leo babe

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why i shoot

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been able to get lost in photos. At the homes of family and friends, I would scour through pages and pages of old photo albums, even though they were mostly filled people I had never met. I admired my Great Aunt Rita who covered every single inch of her home in pictures of her loved ones. I would sit on her stairs, looking at each framed photo step by step, as I worked my little self from the first floor to the second. And when Facebook was invented, it felt like Mark Zuckerberg was speaking directly to my soul when he made my favorite pastime so easy to do. But it wasn’t until I was in front of the lens that my whole world changed. It wasn’t until after a photographer I had hired for my wedding sent me the photographs she made that truly captured the most meaningful and important day of my life. She perfectly documented a day that was filled with the people I love, some who I will never see again, and if I could literally reach through my computer screen and hug every picture she took, I would. To her, she was simply doing her job, but to me, she gave me some something that was priceless: memories of a special day and the passion to do the same for someone else.

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