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I swear, 2016 is the year of baby bumps and newborns and I’m loving every fresh little second of it.  You might remember Charlie from earlier this month.  Well, about two weeks before his arrival, his “big” cousin, Brooke, entered the world, sweet as can be.  You guys know I have an affinity for cousins because I have the best in the world, so getting to photograph Charlie AND Brooke both so soon in their lives and so close to their birth days makes me so, so happy.  I think these two are so lucky to be born so close and live only about 3 minutes away from one another.  They are going to have so much fun together and I hope someday look back at these photos with affection and realize they were only taken a few days apart.

I met baby Brooke at Charlie’s shoot, and then again for her photo debut just a couple days later at her beautiful home on a cold and cozy January day.  Mom, Sarah, and dad, Mike, were so proud of their little girl, and why shouldn’t they be?  Brooke sleeps awesome, doesn’t fuss, and has the face of a little angel.  I’m in love with her so I can only imagine how they must feel.  We spent the morning taking pictures, where Brooke decided to remain alert the entire time (but I hear she had a serious snooze as soon as I left!)  Sarah and Mike are both such naturals at this parenting thing.  No nerves, just pure, calm love for their little one.

No better way to celebrate your first four weeks of life than with your very own photoshoot.  Love this sweet shot of this new little family.


Both men of the house were smitten with this new little lady (some might be sliggggghtly more than others!)

I think I had the same little vintage figurines when I was little and I was so happy to see Sarah had saved them for Brooke!
2016-01-20_0027.jpgAnd tongue’s out.  My cue to hit the road.  Don’t worry, I’m picking up what you’re putting down, Brooke!


Mike and Sarah, thank you so much for letting me meet your little girl.  I can’t wait to see her grow and all the fun she’ll have with Charlie!


Baby Brooke | Boston Newborn Photographer

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