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Ohhhhhh 2016.  I can tell you’re going to be a good one.

Introducing you to my first engagement session of the year with cute little Danielle and her fiance Alex.  I can’t remember the first exchange I had with Danielle, but I know it was love at first email.  We clicked right off the bat and I felt as though I was talking to a long lost friend when she told me all the details about her wedding taking place this fall and I could not wait to finally meet her.  And let me tell you, she was just as adorable in person as what I pictured in my head…actually, if I could fold her up and carry her around in my pocket, I would.  She is just that cute and so, so fun to be around.

We had planned to do a snowy Boston engagement session,  and despite this year’s lack of snow fall (which I personally must say, I’m loving) we got the perfect amount last weekend and a semi-mild day to make it all happen, with one little glitch…the stupid Patriots made it to the playoffs and happened to be playing right during the optimal photo time.  Eek.  It’s a really good thing Danielle is marrying an Alex who is much more patient than my Alex, who would have killed me if I suggested him missing the game.  This Alex just politely smiled even though I’m sure he had a list of explosives running through his head about me interfering with football.  Alex has some job that he tried to explain to me, but the only thing I got out of it was that it was similar to what Matt Damon did in The Departed and I like to picture him and Danielle living in a gorgeous condo overlooking the State House’s golden dome, riiiight where Danielle and Alex decided to do pictures to commemorate the spot of their engagement.  We started off with drinks at The First Amendment and strolled on over to Boston Common with the rest of the world who happened to be there that day (…shouldn’t they have been at home sitting in front of a TV screen cheering on the Pats?  I know that’s where all Bills fans would be if they ever made it that far!)



2016-01-30_0013.jpgSee, look at how cute she is with that little black hat.  I’d look super random in it and she looks like she walked out of a fashion magazine.


We ended at the proposal park, which also happened to be right outside John Kerry’s doorstep.  Who knew?

Danielle, I’m sooo glad you found me and cannot wait to celebrate with you and Alex!  And Alex, thanks for not killing me and being such a good sport.



Danielle & Alex: Engaged | Boston Wedding Photographer

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