Little Baby Sydney | Boston, MA

This little peanut here?  She doesn’t even know how much I love her already.  Remember my new friend, Sydney?  Well she went and got all adorable on me and came to my house for her first ever photoshoot.  She doesn’t even know that I love her so much I woke up extra early on my Saturday to take her little picture.  She doesn’t even know that I was jumping up and down and singing “Jingle Bells” and “Baby Got Back” (the only songs I could seem to remember the words to) so she would stop crying after I kicked her parents out so I could practice on her.  She doesn’t even know that she’s the first baby I’ve ever taken care of (and her parents probably didn’t either, until now).  And she doesn’t even know that she is the most precious little thing I’ve ever seen.  I just love her.  Come back Sydney, and soon, so I can squeeze you again.

Cannot stand how much she looks like her daddy.
Look at those lashes!
Howwww can you not love that little face?

Little Baby Sydney | Boston, MA

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