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There are two kinds of people in this world:  those who love animals and those who…well…just don’t!  Prior to my husband convincing me to get a puppy, I fell in the second category.  It’s not that I hated animals, I just had no affinity for them.  If I went to your house, I would say hello, possibly even give your pet an obligatory pat on the head if I felt I needed to, but the thought of letting an animal live inside my home was absolutely insane…who would want an animal bringing their little paws that have just walked the streets into your clean kitchen…letting their little tongues that lick many disgusting things, lick your face?  I remember bringing these points up to my brother-in-law who insisted that coming home from work to a dog that jumps all over you and is so happy to see you is the best feeling in the world.  After experiencing this first-hand, I think that was one big fat lie.  The only thing more annoying then being bombarded by a 40 pound ball of fluff jumping up and down on you before you have time to put your keys on the counter, is having to bring your freshly pressed pants to the dry cleaners now that they have little dirty paw prints all over them.

No, owning a dog has not made more forgiving of doggy germs spreading through my house. I could live without daily trips to the dog park, and having to plan ahead if we want to be out of the house for more than 8 hours at a time.  But I must say….on a really bad day when it feels like the earth is going to shatter and nothing is going right, there is no better comfort than a little puppy who will lay next to you while you cry your eyes out.  He doesn’t judge, he won’t tell your secrets, all he wants to do is be near you.  And that, my non-dog-loving-friends, is really the best part of having a furry best friend!

Here are a couple old picture of our little puppy, Sauce!

 Sauce Man 201204012_

If you asked Alex who his best friend is, he’d say me, but I know it’s lie…

Sauce Man 201201161_

I was initially terrified when I figured out that I’d own this dog until I was 45, but I must admit, I’m kinda looking forward to spending the next 15 years with Sauce…



The Sauce Man | Boston, MA

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