Olivia & Avery, Back Again!

Writing this blog post to you from Urgent Care, where I’m shockingly not here for Leo (who has already been to the ER 4 times before his 2nd birthday) but for myself.  Yup, I’m sick.  And I’m thanking the sick gods up above for striking down on me while I’m home in New York and have the best nurses and babysitters (my parents) available round the clock to help.  There is nothing worse than being far away from family when you are sick and still have to take care of your children, nothing.  It’s like torture on top of torture.  So I’m so grateful to be home with help.   And honestly, I have to give major kudos to the Urgent Care facility in Victor, NY.  It’s gorgeous and new and I’m sitting here in a comfy chair working while waiting with HGTV on the TV.  It’s actually quite glorious.  And it’s located near the mall so I can stop by kid free on the way home (OK, I’m not actually that sick that I’d pass up an opportunity to shop alone.  I’d have to have lost a leg for that to happen.)

I’m also grateful I was sick today and not last week when I got to meet up with one of my favorite Canandaigua families.  These sweet faces graced my camera for the third time and I absolutely love that Stacey makes pictures a priority and a yearly tradition, because there really is nothing like capturing memories of your little ones who grow way too fast.  Like little Liv over here who I think grew two feet since I saw her last and little Avery who matured so much and now looks exactly like her big sis.  I feel so lucky that I get to be the one to preserve these special moments for them and get to have loads of fun doing it.  These two are so fun and such special little friends.  And getting to catch up with their mommy and daddy is the icing on the cake.  (By the way, I’m totally digging Mike’s new hipster haircut this year.  He swears it wasn’t intentional, but I think he secretly wants a pair of tight pants and plastic rims for next year’s pics.)

Can we just take a moment to talk about Stacey, the Mama Godess?  How this girl works a full day, shows up looking super gorgeous and runs around getting her children to giggle is beyond me.  I want to be her.
Go ahead girls, tell me how you really feel about getting your picture taken.
I mean how adorable are they?

Love you guys!!  Have an awesome rest of the summer and hope to see you soon!


Olivia & Avery, Back Again!

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