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Has anyone tried to get in or out of Charlestown recently? It’s impossible during rush hour. There are only three ways out and they are ALL under construction. It’s maddening. So I got the genius idea to take the ferry, right? So I hop in the car and drive over to the Navy Yard (too lazy to walk) but I forget that the Navy Yard gets packed and finding a spot is frustrating.  Luckily, I see a dad loading his family into a car.  Verrrrrry slowly into a car. And I wait.  For ten minutes.  And I pull in and do the perfect parallel parking job and am pretty darn proud of myself until I see that the spot is illegal.  Much thanks to the dad who didn’t point that out to me as he sat me wait like a fool–and as someone who has had not one, but two cars towed on the same day recently, I decide not to take my chance.  But I’m early so it’s not a big deal so I circle and I circle and I circle until I finally find a spot that’s way out of the way (but legal) and I run and I run and I run and I make it to the dock just in time to see the ferry pull away.  Ugh.  Ubers not an option because of that darn traffic so I call the water taxi.  Having this be the first time I have ever taken the water taxi, I had no clue that you have to wait so stinking long for it to come and as I wait, I watch the sun slipping away and it’s KILLING me.  After about ten paranoid calls to the BHC asking if they are SURE the taxi knows where I am, it finally shoes up and I hope on and beg the captain to go fast.  And lucky for me, they listened and I made it to the Seaport in time to get the prettiest light AND it gave Kara and Mike to grab a drink before the shoot.  So it all worked well.

I am SO excited to introduce you to Kara and Mike because I am SO excited they picked me to be their photographer!  After Kara contacted me, I started social-media-stalking her and I fell in love.  Not only is she beautiful but she’s fun and she’s someone I knew I’d click with and now that she’s booked me, I am never letting her out of my life.  Cool, Kara?  I think Mike and I will be friends, too, though more than likely he’ll be friends with Alex because they are both obsessed with golfing and Kara and I will hit the beach and wait our entire lives for them to finish playing.  Maybe if we’re lucky they’ll let us join them for a quick 6 holes. 😉
I love this shot because it reminds me of when I started. Whenever I’d see a bouy wall, I’d shoot the heck out of it. I still love to photograph infront of them, but I only took about ten shots instead of 1,000.


And now? Lobster rolls…

Kara & Mike | ENGAGED

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