Chris Betz, The One & Only | New York City

Today is May 7, 2013.  I know that little date right above this post says April 20th 2012, but that is just documenting the day I posted these photos of my good friend, Chris.   There has been nothing but pictures on this post, until today, and that makes it offical that my writer’s block has lasted a over a year.  Congrats to me.   The fact is, there are no words to describe Chris.  He is my sister’s bestie in NYC and has been there for her through thick and thin.  He is supportive, creative, hilarious, and so fun to be around. (I’ll leave out the part where he told me my sister was wayyy prettier than me when we first met on the night of my 21st birthday leaving me a balling mess in the bathroom of some sketchy bar in NYC.  I’ve obviously long forgiven him of that.)   I begged Chris to let me take some pictures of him on his roofdeck in Manhattan, and he politely obliged, after I reminded him of the birthday blunder and promised never to bring it up again.  Thanks, Chris!   

So here he is ladies and gents!  The one, the ONLY, Chris Betz.



Chris 201204191_

Soooo handsome.


Chris 201204193_


Chris 201204192_


Chris Betz, The One & Only | New York City

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