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I had such a busy, but fun weekend with the boys. I had blocked this weekend off for photography since it was father’s day and Bunker Hill Day, which is basically Christmas in Charlestown. The entire neighborhood celebrates outside as the parade passes by and there is a weekend full of events. I left my house at 7:30 am on Saturday and we were pretty much out and about all day until 7:30 pm last night. And although I’m absolutely exhausted, the only thing more tiring would be if I was inside all weekend alone with the boys! It’s crazy how I used to stay in to relax and rest and now it’s wayyyy more relaxing to be out of the house going to a billion different places and keeping the kids entertained.

So why am I alone? Alex is working in China all week and to get there for Monday morning meetings, he had to leave Boston at 3 am on Saturday morning. The joys of international travel. It’s hard to be alone without family near by to help pick up the slack (though VERY grateful to my mother-in-law who took the boys to dinner yesterday!!) And only a person who understands the difficulty of being alone would be compassionate (and crazy) enough to volunteer to help you when she has two little boys of her own—one being a newborn! Meet Meaghan. I connected with her via Instagram and was lucky enough to get to photograph her family after the arrival of little baby Banks. I only met her face to face once, but it totally felt like we were meant to cross paths. After photographing her, she sends me a text offering to help me when Alex travels. Little offers like that mean the world to a mom who has a traveling husband and no family close and Meaghan knew it. And although I’d never ever ever take her up on her offer, the fact that she extended that to me when she is still adjusting to life with two little boys herself makes me adore her even more than I already did.

Besides being kind, Meaghan is also stunning and when she waltzed over to the door with her gorgeous long hair and little baby in her arms I almost died. How one can look so good is beyond me. Meaghan and all her boys are so handsome and they make the perfect little Bostonian bunch. I am so so so happy they came in to my life.
Sweet dreams little man,
I just know I’ll see you guys again soon!

Baby Banks and Big Bro, Lennox | Boston Newborn Photographer

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