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There is nothing in the world better to do on a rainy spring day in June when the sun hasn’t made an appearance in six months than to photograph a sweet little baby and his new parents. The day I met little Andy, much like every other day this spring, it poured. It poured big, heavy, cold drops of rain, one that would have made me really depressed had I not had a new little baby to snuggle. I was lucky enough to meet Adria and Drew, Andy’s new mommy and daddy at their school-house condo in East Boston—where Drew’s reply to my standard question of “what do you do for work” is one that would make any photographer nervous. He told me that he works with commercial cameras, so he basically knows everything there is to know about the tool that my entire business is run on while I still call buttons “thingies” and “gadgets”. I am sure he was extremely confident in his wife’s choice of photographers when he saw the panic come cross my face as I prayed he didn’t try to talk “shop” and you can bet your bottom dollar that I immediately changed subjects onto something that I am an expert on…newborns. (Because you do know that every parent is an expert in hindsight, and like any good parent, I only remember all the things that went well and have already forgot the terrifying parts of having a newborn…like checking to make sure they are still breathing, being so tired you don’t know what day it is, changing blow out after blow out after blow out…that stuff never even happened to me! 😉

Sweet little Andy was perfect. We banged out most of his sleepy pictures in the first few minutes of the session and basically hung out for the next few hours getting some fun, cozy shots. I am thrilled that the sun has finally arrived so this family can get some Vitamin D—the magic cure to get babies to sleep (see, told you I was an expert.).


Such a great day you guys.
Thanks for adding some sun into a rainy spring!

Baby Andy | Boston Newborn Photographer

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