Andrew, Matthew & Jonathan | Beverly, MA

When I first met Christine and learned that she had three sons, I felt slightly bad for her.  How can one woman survive in a house with four boys?  Then, I imagined my life without any little girls and felt complete panic take over.  Who would be my ally when I wanted to watch really good TV like Housewives and Lifetime instead of the 156,394 hour of sports? Would I have someone to take me shopping when I’m too old to know what’s in style  or will I be a clueless mom-jean-wearing lady with an 80’s perm and sweaters with shoulder pads? Who would I live vicariously through and make go to every dance class under the sun and dress in pretty pink tutus with curly little pigtails coming out of each side?  Being surrounded by boys and sweaty socks and Sports Center would definitely not be my dream come true, and I imagined everyone must feel the same way.  But after spending the afternoon with Christine and her sons, Andrew, Matthew and Jonathon, every worry completely vanished.  These boys were so fun to be around that not for a single second did I wish there was a little girl in the mix.  No, they weren’t wearing ribbons and lace, but there was nothing cuter than seeing them interact with one another as they climbed trees, jumped off ledges, ran through the park together and laughed at one another’s jokes.  Andrew turned into a little model completely letting me pose him however I asked, Matthew was so incredibly sweet to me and his brothers, and Jonathon was such a ham and continued to crack me up the entire afternoon.  Any ounce of pity I had for Christine turned into envy.  This girl gets to be surrounded by these little loves all day every day, and I imagine there is nothing better.

Mezza 201212041Andrew is going to be breaking a lot of little fifth grade hearts, don’t you think? 
Mezza 201212043

Mezza 201212044

Mezza 201212045

Mezza 201212046 Mezza 201212047

Mezza 2012120410

And one last one to show you Jonathan’s true personality…

Mezza 201212042

 Thanks for changing my opinion, boys!  And Christine, thanks for letting me hang out with your little men.

Andrew, Matthew & Jonathan | Beverly, MA

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