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Monique and Roberto’s Wentworth Inn Wedding

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So I’ve got some major writing issues that have become very apparent to me now that I blog and if your an avid reader, heck, even if you’re a casual reader, you have most definitely picked up on: my overuse of the exclamation point.  Go ahead, you can totally tell me you’ve called me out on it.  I call myself out on it on the regular.  But I have overused the exclamation point so much, that I feel like I’m being mean in texts, emails, and blog posts if I don’t use one at the end of my sentences (it is killing me right now to not end each sentence in this paragraph with at least three consecutive !’s.  How will you know I’m excited about what I’m writing about?  Will you think I’m being mean if I just end my sentences in plain old periods?  Do you think I’m crazy for even worrying about such a thing and dedicating a whole paragraph in my blog about such nonsense?…don’t answer that last question.)   I understand that they are to be reserved for strong feelings…but how can I write about someone’s wedding or the birth of their baby without showing my utmost excitement?  The internal writing struggle I battle with everything I write is real.  Anyone feel me out there?

Someone that can totally sympathize is my blogging bride, Monique, the face behind the pen of the popular work out blog, Burpees to Bubbly.  Getting to photograph her wedding was such a treat.  Monique and I have been friends for a number of years and am happy to say “I knew her when…”, but I had never met Monique’s family in person.  I had just followed them through her blog and Facebook posts. So finally getting to meet Danielle, Sue Gags, and Big Al felt like I was being introduced to a bunch of celebrities…and I half expected to see some paparazzi circling overhead trying to snap pictures of Monique’s very special day.

Monique was perhaps the most calm bride I’ve ever seen and so incredibly beautiful.  She was so calm and collected when I walked into her bridal suite and just kept commenting about happy she was to be marrying the love of her life, Roberto (or RM as he is known to the B2B fans out there.)  And rightfully so, Roberto is such a catch: sincere and chivalrous and he gets major bonus points in my book for also being 100% Italian.  Their day was filled with with so much love and fun and patriotism…just the way a 4th of July wedding should be.
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Monique and Roberto–your day was filled with so much love and being able to be a part of it was such an honor.  I hope you guys have the happiest ever after filled with lots and lots of bubbly and meat pies.

All my love.


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