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Liz & Joe | Boston Wedding Photographer | Long Look Farm Wedding

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Oh man, guys.  This is one wedding that I am having a hard time letting go of.  One of the ones where I cry during the ceremony and am just feeling so lucky that the couple chose me to be the one to save their memories for.  I met Liz and Joe this fall during their engagement session and we talked all about their wedding day details–and when I arrived at Long Look Farm for the first time and time and attention that was given to every aspect of their wedding, from the vintage plates that Liz’s mom collected to the homemade limoncello that the bride and groom made as place cards, it was so special.  But I know that the time and attention to every single detail was something that Liz and Joe wanted to do to make all of their guests feel welcome.  They cared about the intricate because they care so deeply for their family (I don’t even include the word guests here because these two have made their friends an extension of their family).  It was so amazing to be a part of.

You’ll want to take a look at the photos of this beautiful bride and groom and very special flower girl, Mae.  These three had me sobbing way too many times during the day to count.
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Epic first look with Liz’s dad.
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2019-07-01_0041.jpgPin thisimageNothing gets me more than when a family member sings the first dance song…

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