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Introducing Lilah Joy

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OK, nothing makes me happier than getting to share these photos of one of our best friends!  I’d like to introduce you to “Uncle Dr. Goldy” as he coined in this house, a forever friend of Alex’s.  When I first moved to Boston,  Goldy was living in Isreal.  I had heard rumor of him and his crazy stories through friends, but Alex assured me he would be one of our “go to” friends…which I’m not sure I believed as he was doing backflips off the dock in Maine and telling hilarious stories of his college antics.  But as always, Alex was right.  Goldy has been a staple of stability in our lives.  When one of our kids gets hurt or sick (which seems to happen quite often when your children have an anxious mama such as myself), Goldy is the first one we call.  And even after the 100th call, he always answers and takes me and my hypochondriac worries seriously.  When we need someone to help with Sauce, Goldy always offers and he is there to step up to help with things that most others would make themselves otherwise busy for.  We are all so grateful and so lucky to have him in our lives and I hope he knows that we feel forever grateful for his friendship.

When I met Lisa for the first time I was a million months pregnant with Leo but I knew I liked her from the second my gigantic belly and I met her.  I was praying that she would end up with Goldy because she is a do-er and I love that about her.  She gardens, and builds furniture, and teaches spin class, and can wrap up a baby onsie to look like a cupcake, and she cooks, and is interesting, and nice, and so thoughtful.  On top of it all, she’s from Upstate NY and you know how much I love my New York Bostonians.  So happy that Goldy scooped her up.

These two make the perfect match and they welcomed the most perfect person into their family in March.  Little Lilah Joy is just as laid back as her parents and I would love to just sit around Goldy and Lisa’s house and snuggle the heck out of her.
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I forgot to mention how much I love Goldy and Lisa’s PARENTS!  I think every session should include grandparents.
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I love you guys!!

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