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Year 5/6. We made it!

I meant to sit down and write a thoughtful post reflecting on this year and all that went into it. But today was crazy. Alex ended up working late and still isn’t home, Nico has a terrible cough and just wanted to be snuggled all day making it hard to do anything else, and Leo played hard and needed an extra long bath to get all the dirt out from under his nails…and Sauce…well he is waiting for me to take him out for the TENTH time today because he’s been eating Leo’s table scraps which do not agree with his stomach and I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to give his back end a haircut before the day is over if you know what I’m talking about (YES, ladies and gentlemen, this is my life!)

But it is all good. Good that Alex has a job, and that Leo and Nico are happy and healthy, and that I have babies to snuggle and a life that keeps me on my toes and my heart so full…and yes, even good that we have a dog for the boys to love, and maybe me too. Just a little bit.

So onto year 6/7! Let’s hope it’s just as nuts!

(Photo by a random passer by.  Thank you, whoever you are!)

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