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Alex & Craig’s Deerfield Country Club Wedding | Rochester Wedding Photographer

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Oh I just loooooove this wedding. It was such an awesome day and I’ve got the weather to prove it! This year has been so strange weather-wise. Don’t you agree? I got super lucky the beginning of the season where it happened to rain every single day except for my Saturday weddings. Then the last wedding made up for it and we got alllllllllll the rain, so I assumed a July outdoor wedding in Western New York might suffer similar consequences, but it didn’t. Somehow, we got an 80 degree dry day in Rochester. It was shocking. I’m sure the guys who were in suits sitting during the ceremony might disagree with me, but it wasn’t THAT bad. Hot, very hot, but considering what it could have been? It was perfect! Shortly after the ceremony the clouds rolled in—but not a drop from the sky. And somehow, we got even luckier and the clouds parted at the exact time we needed them to during sunset and we got the most intense golden light I think I’ve ever had. It was unreal…but would it be too cliché of me to say sunshine must follow this couple wherever they go? I mean, take one look at Alex’s face in any of these pictures and you’ll understand why…

I met Alex and Craig last year at their best friend’s wedding…yup, these two are one of the lucky ones where the bride’s best friend marries the grooms best friends and they get to do all the best friend things together. So jealous. I thought Alex was the sweetest human alive and I was not wrong. She is adorable and I would guess makes the absolute best teacher in the world…which is why her students not only made her a little book that was on display at the wedding, but also made sure to dedicate the classroom song “Footloose” to her at the wedding. Being so organized and a teacher, I was prepared for Alex to be a little picky (for lack of better word) on her wedding day but I was wrong. I kept asking her opinion on where she wanted photos and what her vision was and her response every single time was “I trust you, Janelle. Wherever you think it’ll be best…” which allowed us to do some pretty amazing stuff with her and Craig at sunset. (And I’m using the word “us” because we had an amazing, amazing vendor team. If I lived in NY full-time I would refuse to do any wedding that didn’t involve this crew.)

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This was probably the most fun gift exchange I’ve done. These two know one another completely and they ended up giving one another similar gifts.
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First look with dad <3
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I scream, you scream, we all scream for epic entrances (courtesy of Five Below).
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The DJ played some games that had everyone laughing hysterically.
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Marry someone who makes you laugh this hard.
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Ohhhhh guys. I love you!  Can’t wait for our anniversary trips with Jenna and Trey!!

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