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About this time last year, I fell in love with a condo in Charlestown. It was, what I thought, was absolutely perfect and we put multiple offers in on it. I went to visit the condo multiple times during the open house weekend (yes, singular—for those that don’t know the real estate in Charlestown, condos sell in one single weekend here, if they even make it to the open house!) and gave the stink eye to everyone else who came through because, in my mind, we already owned the condo and I was already mentally furnishing it in my mind. When I didn’t get the condo I was crushed.

Fast forward (again) to this year where I just photographed the very adorable, very sweet family who DID buy that condo. When Frances wrote to me and told me their address where to meet, I knew immediately that I probably owed her a gigantic apology for all the dirty looks I most likely gave them when our paths most likely crossed at the open house last fall. And if I couldn’t have that condo, I am so happy that it went to Tommy and his family, because I know that they are creating the very best memories in that drop dead gorgeous white kitchen of theirs that I still sometimes dream about. Isn’t it funny how small the world can be sometimes?

I had so much fun capturing Tommy in his stinking cute little overalls, saddle shoes, and knee socks. He could not have been any cuter. And I cannot wait to meet up with Tommy and his family again with my boys who I plan to dress similarly, because really, can you think of a cuter outfit?
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See you guys at the park soon!

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