» Janelle Carmela | Boston, MA Photographer

Abby’s Guys and her Cute ‘lil Baby Bump | Canandaigua Photographer

When I was in college I joined a sorority, and just like the movies, you waited in your room for the girls to come and pick you up on bid night.  I had no idea what to expect when my door swung openview full post »

Kasey’s Guys | Charlestown Family Photographer

I wish I had more time to gush on this family because since I photographed them last, I’ve fallen even harder in love with them every time we bumped into them in Charlestown this summer andview full post »

Logan and Ryan in the Navy Yard | Charlestown Family Photographer

Wahhhhh guys. I love to blog but this fall has been so busy I’m not going to do justice to any of the next few ones. I’M SORRY! I know you guys love hearing me talk about random crapview full post »