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Gracie Girl is ONE! | Charlestown Photographer

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This session was so much fun.  I love doing first birthdays with families that are celebrating their first’s first.  The parents are pretty much out of the woods and have already (mostly) adjusted to being a parent.  They are mostly getting sleep and have mostly managed parenthood (if you’re reading this and have a first and don’t feel like you are doing any of these things–DON’T WORRY!!!  Some phases are say for people but others are hard and vice versa…you’ll get there, I promise!)

Jenny and Matt met me on an early weekend morning and were so calm and so cool an so put together and after I got over obsessing over their house (pretty sure all of us in Charlestown are guilty of that!) we strolled around the Monument and froze time for a moment to get these photos.  Grace is one lucky little peanut–and pretty sure her parents would agree they are lucky too.  This family was perfection in every way and I love that I am still bumping in to them.  I also love that Grace decided to stick her tongue out during these photos just like Nico did when he was her age during our photoshoot.  Both babies nailed the talent at during the entire duration of the sessions, and if Grace is like Nico, she dropped the habit immediately after the session was done.  Because why wouldn’t they?  See if you can stop the little tongue faces.

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Her EYES in this photo…
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I hope you guys want to squeeze these photos–I am so happy that I got the chance to get to know you guys and I cannot wait to see how Grace grows this next year, too!

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