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Burpees to Bubbly | Boston Branding Session

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Hi there! Writing this blog at my house in New York where I’m just recovering from an amazing wedding weekend in Buffalo.  If you’ve ever been, you know Western New York is home of the best bad-for-you-food in the world: chicken wings, Wegman’s Ultimate Cake, cannolis, greasy breakfast sandwiches, Italian cookies, Labbatt Blue, just to name a fraction of the calories I’ve consumed in the past 24 hours, which makes me feel even worse about posting this blog today!  As I sit here with my chubby belly hanging out, I’m staring at Monique’s six pack in all these photos.  You may recognize these muscles and face from her blog Burpees to Bubbly–a guide to staying fit and eating healthy, which, although I read on the daily, I clearly do not take any of her advice!  When Monique asked me to help her rebrand her blog, I felt honored to be part of the process.  I think there is something so empowering about collaborating with other Boston bloggers, especially independent, smart, girl bosses, like Monique.  We talked in-depth about what Monique wanted to portray on her site and luckily, picked a gorgeous summer night with an awesome venue to meet up.  And while I was able to find the light, I lacked the vocabulary to explain to Monique how I thought she should pose seeing as I haven’t been inside a gym since the early 2000s.  Luckily, she was super patient and hid her chuckles when I’d show her what I wanted her to do in my poor form and muscle-less frame and say things like “Oh, you want me to do a squat!” without telling me I was an idiot for not knowing the name.  Thanks for that girlfriend.  So I’m sharing some of what we got from that night.  And be sure to head on over to B2B to get to know my girl right here a bit more!
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And some bubbly.  Because what’s the point in working out if you can’t reward yourself a little?
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Monique-your passion for a healthy lifestyle filled with fitness and fun is truly inspirational.  I mean, you’ve gotten me to consider putting on a pair of sneakers again and THAT is an accomplishment in itself.  Thank you for letting me be part of your journey.



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