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Alyson & Johnny (and Cam!) | Engaged!

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Loooong freaking day filled with the mall! I love me a good mall—I really do—but not when I don’t have time to go there. We are getting family photos done on Friday so I ordered $1.3 million dollars worth of crap off the computer and had all these ideas of how everything would love on me, and I was entirely disappointed when it all arrived yesterday. So even though I had 1.3 million things to do today I had to run around the mall like a chicken with my head cut off trying to find Plan A, B, C, D, and after approximately the 10th hour there, I FINALLY found something that I think will work well at the very first store I went into. If only I found it on my first visit it would have saved years off my life.


If only I didn’t care about family photos and could be one of those cool moms that just strolls in looking perfect with clothes out of everyone’s closets, I’d feel so awesome. But really, would I be a good photographer if I didn’t experience the pain of trying to coordinate clothes for my family? I FEEL YOU MOMS OUT THERE that are just trying to find a piece of clothing that will work with your color scheme, hide the armpit stains that you’re inevitably going to get when trying to wrangle your kids for photos in hopes to get JUST ONE where everyone is smiling. Heck, I’d take one where we are all in the photo!

But enough about my drama…I need to introduce you to one of my 2020 couples who you will adore. I adore them because Alyson shot me a text today and offered her closet for me to shop in when she saw I was in need today (she knew this mama needed H-E-L-P.). She also gets the anxiety of coordinating everyone for photos because not only did this engagement shoot include her fiancé, it also included her future step-son, Camedon. This kid, let me tell you, Is so stinking sweet. I pray my boys turn out like him—and I also pray they crush their photo session as well as Cam did.

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The happiest little family.
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Next year cannot come soon enough!

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