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The hustle and bustle of the holiday season is over and I survived.  (And if you’re reading this, congratulations–you did, too.) You know, it wasn’t the increased traffic, or the last minute shopping that I did the day before Christmas Eve with Leo in tow, or even the thousands of cards that I addressed until all hours of the night that really stressed me out.  It was those darn Christmas commercials that really got me.  Am I the only one that noticed the commercials getting sappier and sappier this season?  I am so grateful that they are no longer running because that one Glade candle commercial with the old man eating alone under the picture of his deceased wife got me every single time.  I could blame it on the pregnancy hormones, but honestly, I’m just a big old sap and so emotional around the holidays that carrying around a box of tissues and trying to convince Alex that my eyes were watering from early winter allergies became a norm around our house.

There was one day a week before Christmas where I was feeling particularly sappy–but for good reason.  After being in labor for 60+ hours, I got a call that my sister gave birth to my third little niece the same exact day my dear friend Cassie had her baby boy.  Talk about tears.  I was FaceTiming in the lobby of the Fairmont Le Chateau Frontenac in Quebec with tears uncontrollably streaming down my face like a running faucet.  I had kidded with the idea of both babies being born on the same day, but the fact it actually happened while (my luck, of course) I was out of the country made me thrilled and sad at the same time and apparently warranted the flood of tears that I couldn’t control.  Maybe it’s because I love both of these new mamas like crazy, or because I’m so excited at the thought of the new little lives that are in my world, but I am so so so happy for each of them.

Cassie is the best friend of my brother and sister-in-law and it was quickly easy for me to see why.  She has a heart of gold and really, truly cares about her family and friends.  We quickly bonded over our love of Anthropologie and Charlestown and spent many a afternoons walking our pups through the North End.  In the last year, Cassie married the love of her life, built a brand new gorgeous home and moved in two days before little Charlie entered the world.  I am so happy and proud to be able to sit back and watch her life unfold so perfectly, the way it seems it was always meant to be.  And there is really no greater honor than being able to capture the first few days of her as a mommy–which she does with such a quiet and confident grace.  (Ugh, I’m in the middle of a really dumpy cafe tearing up while I write this right now while dodging dirty looks from the barista behind the counter who has no time for me, my tears, and my apparent annoying request for decaf coffee…so I’m going to stop writing about my beautiful friend and just show you a few images of Charlie, her new little love, in order to save some face around this place…love you, Cass!)
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Cassie always looks beautiful, but absolutely glows with this little guy in her arms.
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Hi, Charlie!
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Cassie and Greg just moved in a few days prior and already had this gorgeous nursery done for little Charlie.
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Totally smoochable.
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If I could stop the tears to write more, I’d tell you all about how amazing Greg is.  He’s been a friend of Alex’s for years and is one of the sweetest guys imaginable.  Little Charlie is in the best hands (literally) with this guy as his dad.  And I’m sure Alex and Greg will have Leo and Charlie playing a little 2 on 2 with them before they know it! (Cassie, we can sip mimosas and watch from the window!)
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Charlie, you are perfection and so lucky to be born into this family.  I cannot wait to watch you grow. Cassie and Greg–love, love, love you.  Thank you for letting me capture your new family.


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