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Merry Christmas Eve, y’all!

We had a crazy long trip from Boston to Canandaigua yesterday and are about to hit the road again to drive up to Niagara Falls to spend two days with my family. There is nothing I love more than some Colosi-family fun. Tonight, my cousins all play this huge White Elephant game that is basically full of inside jokes that only we think are funny. We will laugh until our bellies hurt and start brainstorming ideas for next year’s game as soon as this year’s is complete. Tomorrow, we’ll head over to my other cousins’ house where will sit around the fire place and reminisce about all the old times with stories that we’ve told over and over again, but somehow feel like we are hearing for the first time. And after eating a gigantic meal, my uncle will pull out a cheese ball and crackers, and Lays potato chips and Bison (the BEST) dip and we’ll play a game that ends with everyone cheering so loudly, my ears will ring for days. These memories, all these little traditions, are ones that I hold so close to my heart. And ones that are worth driving 8+ hours for in the snowy rain and traffic. They are the ones I want to remember and the ones I wish I had more documentation of over the years.

Perhaps that’s why I love when I family chooses to do an extended family photo session—and why I always get a little tear in my eye when I’m shooting behind my camera. I’m introducing you to the Tavares family today, who wanted to get some photos of their entire tribe together. After nailing some “formal” family shots they wanted for Christmas cards, we went inside and documented all of the cousins building gingerbread houses together. The formal pictures I love, but the indoor shots of the kids stealing pieces of candy, and building with their cousins and grandparents, are the ones that I hope they’ll never forget.

There is so much love in this family and so much to celebrate. Thank you for being so open to it all!
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We snuck up for a few maternity shots in Charlie’s little brother’s room.
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I hope you kids are always have as much fun together as you do right now!
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Merry Christmas to you all!

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