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Sweet LIttle Diana | Charlestown Newborn Photographer

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How cute is this little baby?  So sweet.  Her name is Diana and she lived in Arizona up until only a few weeks until she was born.  I just love her.  We spent a rainy morning together.  Randomly, we picked a Tuesday to do this shoot and Diana’s mama, Elizabeth, mentioned she was going to go to the New Mom Breakfast before the shoot (Rockstar, right?  Two things in one day with a 9 day old?  Totally.) which I randomly happened to be going to to help my friend host.  So before meeting Elizabeth and Diana at their home, we hung out together sipping coffee and eating bagels.

Chris, Elizabeth, and baby Diana make the sweetest little family.  When I walked in their door they were eating a gorgeous cheese plate and just hanging and this little peanut fit right in to the family.  She is going to be beautiful, and athletic, and the captain of some giant sailboat that I hope she’ll invite me on when she’s older.

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Loved spending every minute (at the Moms Group and the shoot!) with you guys!

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