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Oh hi! It’s me! Long time, no posts. Hopefully that will change really soon as the weather turns around…(here’s to hoping, anyway!).

While most of you were off on your spring break in warm, tropical places, I spent mine at home in sometimes-sunny, sometimes-rainy, sometimes-freezing cold Upstate New York. Really, it’s quite the experience predicting what you’ll need to wear from one day to the next. One day it was a tank and flip flops, the next it was a winter parka and rain boots. But don’t worry Upstate, I’m not ragging on ya…I kept my eye on the Boston weather which wasn’t much better. I am really hoping Mother Nature gets her act together soon because I’m itching for some pretty scenery to photograph again!

Luckily, the weather cooperated for the day of this next photo shoot. My “little” cousin Jessica agreed to be my muse so I could grab some bridal shots of her.  The one thing I must say about both Boston and Canandaigua, regardless of the ambivilent weather patterns, is that each is an exceptionally beautiful place to live.  Boston is the type of city that hits you over the head with it’s adorableness: the cobblestone streets, the picturesque downtowns, and of course the ocean.  Canandaigua is the type of place that the longer I’m away, the more and more beautiful it becomes.  I always knew the lake was gorgeous, but now I appreciate all of the open spaces and rustic old barns so much.  I had no set plan on where to photograph Jessica, but all we literally had to do was drive up the road and found this magical barn with gorgeous light that was the perfect backdrop for my stunning bride.  The scenery, the weather, and my pretty little bride couldn’t have been more perfect.

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I’m annoyed those eyes don’t run in the family.
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So pretty and so fun to shoot! Love this girl.
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Thanks for being my beautiful model, Jessica!  You win the golden buttered lamb and late night drinks at Club Applebees for all your hard work!  Muuuuuuahhh!
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Wedding Dress: Heart to Heart Bridal

Flowers: Wegmans

Shoes: Macy’s 

Makeup/Styling/Fabulous Assistanting: Rosie & Christmas Christen (You guys are the best!  Thank you!!!)


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