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The Soule Family (again!) | Charlestown Family Photographer

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Rockstars. Hand Katie and Nate a microphone, let them drop it, and slowly walk away. Because Katie and Nate are freaking ROCKSTARS. They have THREE kids, THREE, and they make it look amazingly easy.  I barely rolled myself out of bed in the morning and there Katie and Nate were with all three of their kids were dressed and photo-ready EARLY.  I had thought, for sure, there would be no way this family would be on time to a really early Saturday morning session because it would be impossible to get three kids out of the house when I can’t even get two, but they proved me wrong.  They are my idols.

Do you remember these guys from a few years back?  Baby Drew was still a baby and I need to stop calling him one because he is now old enough to tell me he is a big boy.  Mya and Drew are now practically adults and about an inch shorter than me (not a huge feat, I know) and I love that we got to reconnect again.  I could seriously hang out with this family every Saturday morning just gabbing away especially since Katie is a model-mommy, so cool and calm and making it look easy.  Can I be her?
JanelleCarmelaPhotography(9of72).jpgPin thisimageBaby Drew LOVE his daddy, to put it lightly.
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Those eyes!!
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Can you even?
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So great to see you, my friend!  Don’t forget to send me a picture of your Halloween costumes!

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