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Sophia’s Delicious First Birthday!

ATTENTION, ATTENTION: I have a VERY important announcement to make. From now on, ALL of Janelle Carmela Photography photo shoots will be taking place in a cupcake shop. That’s right. No beaches. No barns. No fields. No Beacon Hill. I don’t care if you are turning 1 or turning 50, celebrating your wedding or scheduling a newborn shoot. You WILL be photographed surrounded by sugar and sprinkles and nothing else!

Warning: You might need to grab a jar of frosting to devour as you look at these pictures because they are scrumptious! (Is that gross? Am I the only person that eats frosting straight from the jar?)

Sweet is located next to my OB’s office and it took everything I had to not get a cupcake after every doctors appointment (in honesty…I was really only able to hold myself back because I knew I would drive by Abbott’s on the way home and would be eating chocolate almond ice cream for lunch…) but that didn’t stop me from drooling at the interior decor and wishing I could photograph a little girl in there. Enter: Sophia! You all remember little Sophia from her newborn and six month photos. Well this little peanut is officially one! I do not know how in the world that happened, but I’m glad it did because I’m pretty much obsessed with her one-year session. Nicole, Sophia’s mama, called and wanted to do photos outside of their house…which in January in New England can be a bit tricky due to lack of warmth, abundance of stinking snow, and the sun disappearing by 4:00. Luckily, I had Sweet hiding up my sleeve and was pumped when Nicole was on board.

Being with Nicole and Jim in the first few days of their baby’s life, and then again after six months, and then again as they celebrate her first birthday…I couldn’t have felt more honored. They are so calm and cool and they are raising one pretty special little girl.  Take a look at her delicious little self.

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Yes, I’m the cutest.
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She’s a girl that knows what she wants!  Extra frosting and sprinkles on top.
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“Hey Janelle…you gonna let me eat this cupcake yet or what?”
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So this is where Sophia and I are very different.  She gets her FIRST cupcake…her first slice of heaven…and what does she do?  She gives it away to her dad!  She had no desire to hoard the cupcake in her mouth like one-year-old-Janelle would have (or thirty-something-Janelle for that matter!)  This is just proof that Nicole and Jim have raised the world’s sweetest little girl.  She’s sugar and spice….

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And after some convincing, Sophia finally gave in and took her first taste!  Mmmmm…

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This is the exact feeling I have when I eat cake…

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This picture?  Right here?  The reason why Alex needs a daughter.  I must get this exact shot with our little girl.  Whenever she might come.

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Why is it not appropriate to eat cupcakes like Sophia does on the right?
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And she’s off!  I love to watch the little ones walk.  Side to side and with such gusto!

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And can I just give a big congrats to these two?  Wishing Sophia the happiest of first birthdays, but totally understanding what a big deal this is for mom and dad!  You’ve more than survived the first year…the late nights, the dirty diapers…and raised the sweetest of babies.  Sophia is the loveliest little thing, because of the two of you!

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Happy birthday, sweet baby girl!


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