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Sleepy Little Christopher, My New Neighbor | Charlestown Newborn Photographer

2019-06-10_0001.jpgPin thisimageGuys. I am CRUSHING today and I feel the need to tell you about it because I’m usually on here talking about how tired I am and how hard life is and blah blah blah.  No one wants to hear that!  I woke up today at 7, sat right down at my desk and started editing.  My parents have my kids for a few days in NY so I could catch up on work and life and I was terrified that I’d get nothing accomplished, but it’s amazing how much you can do when you aren’t distracted.  Not only did I bang out a ton of editing, I finally got an electrician over to get put some lights up on our roof deck (which is pitch black at night and honestly, quite dangerous for people trying to go down the rickety old steps) and now that I know we won’t get sued for endangerment we can officially say that the roof deck is OPEN for the season.  Add some planters that I’m currently working on and I’m pretty much amazed with myself!

The one downfall to getting so much accomplished is that I don’t have my kids here.  And I honestly don’t feel like I belong in Charlestown without them.  It feels so weird walking without two little ones in a stroller that I’m pushing or scooting next to me.  And it definitely feels bizarre to feel rested, that’s for sure!  But I’m going to get as much done now so I can be more present with them when they’re back!

Introducing you to our newest little neighbor, Christopher, today.  He lives a few houses down from me in a big brick building that Alex and I always comment on that we never see people go in or out of.  But a building that big must be occupied or else there’d be some developer scooping it up already.  When Samantha told me where she lived, I was thrilled to FINALLY know someone who lived there.  And I quickly realized the reason Alex and I never saw anyone coming or going was because the door on the front of the building was just a facade.  As I walked up to enter, I realized something that I never realized before–there was no doorknob and no way to enter.  The entrance was actually around back on the other side of the building.  BLEW MY MIND.  Spending time with little Christopher, Samantha, and Kyle was so so sweet.  I love getting to talk with new parents about how amazing and difficult the first few days are.  It brings me right back to my first few days of being a new mom–even though they are quite blurry and still a haze. Christopher nailed the first few sleepy poses right off the bat and was so smiley and snuggly the entire time.  He is one lucky little guy and I cannot wait to watch him grow as we scoot by his house every single day!

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Love this pic because his little head won’t fit in his daddy’s hand for much longer.
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So nice to meet you, neighbor!

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