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Lauren and Ryan, In Love | Lewiston, NY

Howwwwwwww in the world can today be Thursday when it feels so much like a Friday?  It’s been a very long, very rainy week in Boston and work just keeps dragging on and on and on.  All I want to doview full post »

Clare and Owen, Apple Picking | Ipswich, MA

Well.  I finally was able to take a few pictures of my friend, Owen, but let me tell you, it wasn’t the prettiest. Owen and Clare were heading to Russell Farms on the North Shore and invited meview full post »

Dog Days are Over.

Owning a dog has made me more akin to certain idioms…dog tired (which I always am), on a short leash (which Sauce always is), dog and pony show (which Sauce never has been able to execute) andview full post »