» Janelle Carmela | Boston, MA Photographer

Sweet Little Sophia is Six Months | Boston Family Photographer

My brain is mush.  I don’t know what happened.  I used to be able to hold information in my head for weeks at a time and now, I swear, I can’t remember what I did two seconds ago.view full post »

Introducing Mr. & Mr. West | Cape Cod Wedding Photographer

You guys… I just can’t even deal with this wedding.  I am in love with it for so many reasons.  For one, it happens to be the marriage of two of the most fun and loving people I know andview full post »

Write With Rosie Branding Session | Rochester, NY Photographer

When someone says “business,” or “marketing,” or “branding,” I automatically yawn, roll my eyes, and start making a mental list of all the more interesting thingsview full post »