» Janelle Carmela | Boston, MA Photographer

Introducing: Baby Zora! | Boston Family Photographer

Happy Tuesday, y’all! I’m sitting at the coffee shop getting these photos up for you right now. I’m about to introduce you to an adorable little family that I got to meet on Fridayview full post »

The Soule Family (again!) | Charlestown Family Photographer

Rockstars. Hand Katie and Nate a microphone, let them drop it, and slowly walk away. Because Katie and Nate are freaking ROCKSTARS. They have THREE kids, THREE, and they make it look amazinglyview full post »

A Morning with Mason and Jack | Wellsely Family Photographer

When Leo was a baby, he was, what some might call, chunky, if we’re putting it lightly. And he and I used to attend baby class where me, the highly emotional new mom, used to cry to the groupview full post »