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The One Where Jenna & Trey Get Married | Finger Lakes Wedding Photographer

“I Ross, take you, Rachel”… There’s tons of reasons why I ADORE Jenna and Trey, but quoting “Friends” during your wedding vows, may be at the top of the list. view full post »

Keelin & Sean: Engaged | Boston Wedding Photographer

I’m pretty sure if you turn the sound up on your computer, you’ll be able to hear Keelin’s laugh through these photos.  Actually, I’m certain.  This girl is so vibrant and Iview full post »

Susannah & Eric | Boston Wedding Photographer

Oh I just love the next set of photos that I get to share.  When my couples ask where to take engagement photos, I always urge them to pick a place that has meaning to them in some way.  Althoughview full post »