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Ohhhh my goodness, you guys. I have been dying to share this wedding with you but remember a few weeks back when I was whining about all my technology breaking and having to spend $10,000,000 and worse off 10,000,000 hours at the Apple store? Well I’m still trying to catch up from that. The new technology is fab but reloading alllllllll of my programs is torturous. I’m finally just getting my blog software up and have been dying to share this wedding with you…

I met Nicole last year. She was recommended to me by my friend, Amanda at Place and Gather and I knew the second we broke our first tortilla and toasted with margaritas at Monument that she would be my dream client and I was literally crossing every bone in my body that she would pick me to photograph her wedding. Fast forward a year(ish) later to the gorgeous Wequassett Resort in Chatham on the first beautiful spring Saturday…and my dream came true….actually, it was better because not only did I get to photograph Nicole and Pat, I got to work with some of my favorite vendors, including Hannah from Rouge Beauty Bar, Emily Quiglia, Makeup by Tracey and more.  Nicole was so calm and collected the entire day.  Everything went as planned (minus a slight First Look glitch that we won’t discuss;) and the guests were just so so so happy.  A special shout out to Charlestown’s own Father Ronan who made the ceremony personal and so special.

I wish we could do this wedding all over again.  It was the perfect kick off for my spring season and I cannot wait to show you all the weddings that have and will follow.

I’ll stop so you can take a look and see what all this gushing is about…

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2019-06-04_0028.jpgPin thisimageYou know any wedding that ends with ice cream is going to find it’s special way into my heart…
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Pin thisimagePat and Nicole–I cannot tell you what it means to me to have been the one to take these photos.  I wish you all the best and cannot wait to celebrate with you around Ctown this summer!  Congratulations, my friends!

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