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True Confession: This blog is going to be bad. The pictures, I love. But my words just aren’t coming to me, which stinks because I have all the feels for this family. You may remember Katie and KJ from our engagement session a few years ago, so I hope you go back and read that blog post where I hope I told you all the wonderful things I really feel about them. And if you’ve been at a wedding with me this summer (or Sarah and Tony’s wedding last summer) you’ll recognize KJ as my AMAZING second shooter. You know, the one who has a PhD in photography and works at Harvard creating amazing films in their video department and who has more talent in his little pinky than I’ll ever have in my entire life. It has been so much fun to work with him this year, and I’d really like to thank Katie for letting me borrow him. It’s hard having your other-half be away on the weekends when you’ve got a baby and I’m fairly certain that Katie only agrees to letting KJ come with me because she knows that it will make my life easier. Which is why I love her. And him.

And, you guys, their baby. Little Olivia is a sweetheart and so stinking cute! I think she already knows how lucky she is to have Katie and KJ as her mommy and daddy. KJ adores his girls and Katie is the closest person I’ve ever met who is as crafty and creative as my own mother and who I know, like my own, is going to pour her everything into this little girl. Take a look at her CHEEKS. Love me some chub…

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A week after this pic was taken, KJ and I photographed a wedding in the exact same spot on Harvard’s campus. Love when world’s collide!
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I love you guys sooooo much. Thank you for letting me do this for you and for being amazing friends.

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