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Monique & Roberto: Engaged | Boston Wedding Photographer

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G’day Mates!!

Writing to you from one of my most favorite spots in the world…Wegman’s Market Cafe.  I think I’ve mentioned I strategically picked a doctor who happens to be located above the first Wegman’s in Boston and use it as an excuse to get a Danny’s Favorite and Ultimate Cake on my way out?  Well thanks to my babysitting-extrodinaire-mother-in-law, I also snuck in a little coffee and a hard core work session before I head home to my little monster who has decided to boycott sleep this year.  (Please tell me someone else has a 16 month old who used to sleep perfectly for 16 hours a day and gave up 75% of those hours overnight that magically returned to normal?  Someone?  Anyone?  God help me!)

It seems only appropriate to share this engagement session from one of my favorite spots because it took place at one of the favorite spots of Monique and Roberto, KO Pies in East Boston.  Monique, who you’ll remember from this summer, emailed me to talk about locations for her engagement session and mentioned KO Pies, explaining it’s an Australian Meat Pie counter.  Say what?  I hopped on the website and, although it looked adorable, also looked super tiny and I wasn’t quite sure what Monique had in mind for this photo session.  When I parked my car in Eastie and walked through a barbed wire fence into a shipyard to get to KO, I was a little hesitant that maybe I should have convinced her of a different location, and being early, decided I still had time to possibly do so.  But about 10 seconds after I walked in and saw the graffetti hallway and funky little place, I totally understood why she wanted pictures there.  KO Pies is truly a one of a kind restaurant nestled in the most random, funky part of East Boston, complete with a huge back deck and views of the city that are like no other.  Roberto really did a bang (pun intended) up job of picking a first date spot, and I just love that I was able to spend the day with them where all the magic happened.

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We spent some time at the Shipyard walking around before the sunset.  I love how unexpected and industrial all these backgrounds are.  So different and so fun.
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Aren’t they so totally adorable?
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Thank you so much for introducing me to your favorite little spot, guys!  It was so much fun hanging around Eastie with you and I cannot wait for July!  So happy to be a part of your day!!!


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