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Okkkk…this session guys.  Wait til you see.  Becca had contacted me forever ago to do pictures and we FINALLY got around to getting a date in the books, and let me tell you guys, I’m so happy we waited because we booked an early morning (5:30!!!) sunrise session on their amazing, amazing roof deck that we wouldn’t have been able to do in the winter.  This roof deck will make your jaw drop.  It’s out of control amazing and I have had about 20 people ask me via IG who their gardener is and allllllllll the credit goes to that guy up on the left.  Paul doesn’t have green thumbs, he has green arms.  It was really magnificent to see how he kept so much alive on a roof top and so close to the salty air.  Guys, I’ve literally fried every single plant I’ve put on my roof deck so I bow down to Paul and his green heaven up there.  He should quit whatever it is he does (I asked but didn’t follow because it fell into that black hole of “business” that I have no clue what anyone actually does besides sit behind a computer…) and start a roof deck gardening business in Charlestown.  I feel like he’d have quite the string of costumers waiting for him. I’ll be first in line.

But back to Maren.  She was a perfect angel even with the early start time.  I fell in love with her immediately as she came out with a gigantic smile on her face and was just so happy the entire session.  We really pushed her to the max too because she was def ready for a nap when I left…but not in the cranky crying way, just in the cute little eye rub, small yawn kinda way.  I love her.  And I love her mama who I can’t wait to see again.  I already had her spying on Alex for me when he was out with his friends the night this was shot at Pier 6.  I’m going to get her a set of binoculars just to keep some extra eyes on him.  (I’m kidding, of course, but it was ironic he happened to be there that night as I was randomly texting with Becca!)

Named after her grandmother’s, Karen and Mary, here is Little Miss Maren.

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Ready for a nap.  Me too, Maren.  Me too.
2019-07-15_0087.jpgPin thisimageAlright, we’ll get Paul, Alex, Leo and Nico on the golf course soon and Becca and Maren, we’ll sip mimosas on that roof (with Nicole, of course!!!) So happy we finally met!!!

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