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Melissa | Branding Session

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I love all kinds of photography for different reasons but branding sessions are becoming my new obsession. In the hectic and stressful world of wedding photography, branding sessions feel like a little respite. And there is nothing more adorable than a squishy little newborn peanut, that I could seriously hold all day, but working with a client who can communicate and follow direction is golden. And coming from an education background, I don’t really understand much about careers besides the obvious, teachers, doctors, lawyers, etc., so hearing more about how other jobs work and what people do is always interesting for me. Top it off with being able to help with styling and making people look their absolute best is something that is just plain fun.

Add in getting to work with friends and I am in heaven. Meet Melissa. She’s been on this blog with her adorable family many times before. But since you’ve met her last she has found a new career path that was made for her. She is inspirational to so many, and I am so happy to see how she has found a way to roll all her talents into a job that suits her so well. She has always been one that I’d go to for advice and support and now she’s found a way to do both of those things in her new career. The world is lucky to have her. And so am I.

We spent a few hours in Charlestown. Special thanks to Zumes Coffee and Junebug Florist for letting us pop in and taking some photos.

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