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You ready to meet a horrible family? The parents are horrible and they have a horrible baby boy. They live in a horrible neighborhood in a horrible house by a horrible pond where the sunshines so much it’s horrible. And they can walk to the horrible little downtown and the horrible T. Everything about this family is horrible and I’m so glad they are moving away from Boston.

Amy, Mark. I’m sorry. I’m trying but I can’t even pretend to think you guys moving is a good idea. Ugggghh. Why? Why do you have to go?

I met Amy a few years ago. Initially I knew her as the “really smart and talented” girl that worked with Alex. And a few years later I remet her as the best friend of one of my really great friends and got to know her socially. But it wasn’t until I had Leo that I really got to know Amy well, making it so hard to say goodbye to her! You see, when all the rest of the world is at work, Amy and I are able to get our boys together and entertain them long enough to have some actual adult conversation that have been life savers at some low and sleepless moments of my life as a new mom. Because leaving your job to stay home and raise your baby is hard. And having husbands that work a kajillion hours and travel all the time leaving you with a baby and dog is even harder. And having a baby that likes to torture you by not letting you sleep is the hardest. But finding someone who is in the same boat as you and can understand the good and bad of it all makes everything so much easier. So Amy, I’m so so bummed to see you go and I’ll keep praying that you’ll come back to Boston! Please?

Before they left, Amy and Mark wanted some pictures of little Luke in his first home, which I don’t blame them because it is amazing. And Luke? Well he is just the cutest little thing I’ve ever seen. I love this kid. I love every thing about him, from the way he sticks his little belly out when he walks to his chubby little cheeks. The only thing that could possibly make him any cuter is if he comes back from Texas with a little southern drawl saying “y’all” and “yes ma’am”. Although I’m hoping you guys will be back before Luke can formulate full sentences!

Here he is. I kinda think they could use this picture when Luke wins the Heisman Trophy (where he’ll play for Boston College and not any of those Texas schools, ok?)
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Whattt Luke?  Your mom is letting you stay with me and Leo?!?!  OK!

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Nothing really makes me happier than seeing Amy as a mom to her sweet little boy. Love.
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2015-08-11_0026.jpgPin thisimage Doesn’t this face just say “Please don’t make me go?”.
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2015-08-11_0031.jpgPin thisimageAmy, Mark, and Luke, wishing you guys the best Texas can offer. But hope to see you back this way soon!2015-08-11_0027.jpgPin thisimage
And Amy…I’ll miss you SO much!


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