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You guys…

I can’t even STAND these pictures.  This family was so adorable and so much fun to shoot that I literally took 847,273 pictures of them and I wanted to post every single one in this blog.  Butttt…figuring that WordPress puts some kind of limits on downloading an insane amount of pictures, I decided to narrow it down a tad.

Katie wrote to me a few weeks ago looking for pictures to celebrate her baby’s first birthday and we scheduled the shoot for Mother’s Day, which was perfect because the weather was gorgeous and spending the day with a new mother on her first Mother’s Day totally lifted me out of my “I’m a horrible daughter because I live too far away to celebrate with my own mother on her special day” funk.  (Although shout out to my fabulous mother-in-law who I do get to celebrate with!!)  What we didn’t account for was the fact that everyone and their mother, literally, was out at Larz Anderson Park trying to soak in the sunshine.  But with a family as gorgeous and happy as this one, I don’t think you’ll notice much of anyone else.

Katie and Andrew may be two of the nicest people I know, and everyone claims that your first year of parenthood is rough, but these two made it look like a cinch.  It could possibly be because they happen to have the world’s happiest and most well-behaved baby ever.  Little Liam was the best.  I read in photography posts that one-year-olds are supposed to be difficult to shoot.  If that’s the case, Liam made it MUCH too easy for me.  And Katie and Andrew were so stinking nice that I forgot I was actually working and felt like I was just hanging out with new friends.  Is it weird if I were to blow up one of these pictures and hang it in my house?  Don’t answer that.

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Liam’s little “Whatcha talkin’ ’bout Willis” face. 

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One gorgeous mama.

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Good Lord, I love this kid.

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And then we rewarded little Liam for being so good by torturing him with this birthday hat!

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Such a great day…thanks for letting me celebrate with you!

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Happy Birthday, baby!


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