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Lauren & Dan | Engaged | Boston Wedding Photographer

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Oh how I wish I had an hour or two to write a thoughtful blog about how much I adore Lauren and Dan. But I’ve got about ten more sessions to edit so I have to make alllllll of these quick. We had a gorgeous night for an engagement session and Lauren wore the most perfect dress ever to photograph. I would like to buy one for myself and wear it every single day and twice on Tuesdays. What I love most about this girl? After I posted a picture of her on my IG feed, I had about five girls message me and tell me how much they love her. She is fun, she is sweet, she is smart, she is clearly a good friend, and I am so glad she’s mine…and Dan’s. Definitely glad she’s Dan’s, too! November is going to be AMAZING.
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Never not laughing.
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I cannot wait for your wedding day because I know it’s going to be SO FREAKING FUN!

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