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Keri & Brian | Boston Engagement Session

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Sharing my LAST engagement session of 2017.  And guys, this session was so much fun.  I think engagement sessions might be my favorite.  You get to know the couple you’re shooting on a deeper level, hear about all of their plans, and they follow direction like champs.  The last statement I appreciated so much after a day full of mini-sessions.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love family sessions, but they usually involve a lot of really bad singing on my part and running around, and y’all know how much I hate to run.  During engagement sessions, the only people that do the running are the couple when I make them jog towards my camera in front of an out door restaurant on a beautiful, sunny, fall day, which is not embarrassing at all.  Actually, this particular situation happened about five minutes Keri and Brian told me they were pleasantly surprised that their engagement session didn’t feel awkward…which I think I misinterpreted as a challenge 😉

OK, more about Keri and Brian because I love them!  I met Keri through my friend, Mich, and was praying they’d hire me for their wedding.  Keri has it all together and I just knew that her day would be perfect, and let’s get real, any friend of Michelle’s is someone I knew I’d want to be friends with too.  Luckily, her and Brian picked me to capture their day and I am counting down the days until I get to see them again.  Brian and Keri are MBT (I hear that’s what the kids call, Meant To Be) and are so sweet with one another.   They picked one of my favorite spots in Boston to shoot in and then we strolled along the street to the Boston Harbor Hotel where the party of the year will take place.  I need to give a shout out to Brian because it really takes a special guy to explain fantasy football drafts to me, and even though I told him I understood, I still have 0 understanding.  But it was so sweet that he tried–you picked a winner, Keri!

And without further ado, the gorgeous Keri & Brian…
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JanelleCarmelaPhotography(30of43).jpgPin thisimageThis one might be my favorite. They just look so happy!!
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Love me a good city scape.
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How many days away???

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