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Jill & Matt & Little Jack | Charlestown Newborn Photographer

2019-07-15_0063.jpgPin thisimageWant to hear one of the cutest love stories you’ll ever hear?  Meet little Jack.  His mom and dad went to school together but didn’t date and marry until after they graduated.  When they were in middle school, they were paired up in science class when they were learning about recessive and dominate genes and used their traits to figure out what their imaginary future baby would look like.  They still have the write up.  How cute is that?  If it’s not the greatest foreshadowing that I have ever heard I’m pretty sure I don’t know what is!

Fast forward a number of years and that imaginary baby is here! (If you’re wondering, it’s too soon to really tell what traits little Jack inherited but I’m seeing more of his mom in these pictures–how about you?)  I’m not sure if that little Punnett square they made noted temperament, but this kid is THE chillest I’ve ever met.  He was so laid back I was literally in and out of there in 45 minutes, which is probably half the time of most sessions.  I know both Jill and Matt were holding their breath waiting to see if he would come out of the laid back phase–but I honestly think that he is going to be just like his mom and dad, cool as a cucumber.  It was so fun meeting this new little family and I’m so glad they live so close because you better believe I’m going to be asking them if they predicted his traits as he grows.

Introducing, Jack!!

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Love the color they coordinated in these photos, but there’s something magical about black and white…
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Hope you are loving snuggling that little boy!  If you get tired of it, bring him to me!

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