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Jessica & Shane | Engaged

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Loving this session.  Remember the beginning of September when it was cold?  Well, the day our session was planned the weather turned around for us and we got a gorgeous night at Brooksby Farm.  Jessica and Shane wanted to do this session at an orchard because they had memories as kids going apple picking with their families.  Brooksby happened to not only have orchards, but we hit it at just the right time to still get the sunflower field which made me happy.

It also makes me happy that Jessica happens to have the same first and last names as one of my best friends.  And that she is the sister of a former JCP bride and I remember seeing her and Shane at Christina’s wedding and praying they’d hire me to do their wedding when they got engaged.  They are both gorgeous and so sweet and I am THRILLED that I get to be with the Proulx family again.

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2019-09-30_0049.jpgPin thisimageLove this sweet moment.
2019-09-30_0042.jpgPin thisimageCongratulations guys!
I’ll see you again soon.

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