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Janelle Carmela Photography “Studio” Reveal | Boston, MA Photographer

I know what you’re thinking.

“Little ole Janelle Carmela has her very own photography studio?”

And the answer to that is…not exactly.  But I do have a spare guest room that my husband was nice enough to let me turn into my own little studio office!  (And when I say nice enough, I really mean that he lost the coin flip and had to box up all his Larry Bird memorabilia that was swallowing up the space and put it in storage.)  I actually think he agreed because he saw my heart break when I found out that the abandoned building I had dreams of turning into a studio one day was sold to Tufts University.  Apparently I’m not the only one that thought a sizable building with big old windows and good light sitting right next to the T was a valuable piece of property.  Oh well…my makeshift studio will have to do for now.

After watching an entire season of Rehab Addict, I had a very “I can do that” summer and went on a major do-it-yourself spree, scouring the streets and secondhand stores for previously loved pieces I could use in the room.
The desk is actually an antique library table that I found in a little shop in Naples, New York last summer and the chair is from my parents’ kitchen set. I gave it a little face lift to mask its early 80’s charm.  I’m planning on blowing up some of the pretty faces I’ve captured and hanging them on the back wall eventually.  And see the little plant on the desk?  My parents sent her to me on the first day of my first real job as a teacher in North Carolina, and although I had to resurrect her a few times, I’m thrilled that I’ve kept the old girl alive for the past 10 years!

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After a weekend walk to the Davis Flea, I found this antique radio cabinet on the side of the road.  It was a little damaged, but I could see the potential through all the dust and cobwebs, and I asked (begged/persuaded/stamped my foot and refused to leave unless he agreed) Alex to carry it back to the condo.  With some paint and a few Anthropologie knobs, I’m now in love.  The top lifts up and perfectly hides my printer.  But the mirror is my favorite part–rejected at some point by my grandmother, it hung in my grandfather’s little workshop for years.  We recently found it and cleaned off some of the paint that was splattered on the glass, but otherwise left it as is.  I think it’s fun to have the same mirror hang in my workspace that did in his.  And you might recognize the framed picture from here…my first photo shoot back in 1988!

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And the piece de resistance…the deer head.  If you know/see my mom, you should ask her about it.  She absolutely hates it and tried to convince me to hang it on the back wall where no one could see it–advice that I respectfully ignored.

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And how could I forget about my little assistant who is a permanent fixture by my side? When he’s not indulging in his new favorite hobby of chewing up all my favorite shoes, that is!

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So that’s it for now!  Maybe one day I’ll find another building and have a “real” studio.  But for the time being, I’m content with my little at home work space.  Come visit!






Daybed: http://www.westelm.com/
Deer head, pillows, basket, frame: http://www.homegoods.com/
Faux fur pillow: http://www.restorationhardware.com/
Knobs, hobnail pitcher, mug: http://www.anthropologie.com/
Comforter: http://www.kohls.com/



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