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The Graves Goodbye | Boston Family Session

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This one kills me. I’m too sad to deep dive into it, but it’s one that’s really hard. This family has been on my blog plenty of times, but their send off session makes me tear up. Living in the city you’ve got to get used to friends being transient but when you find one who has a Wester NY connection, loves the Buffalo Bills, has a mom who is just the best and two adorable girls (the eldest being one you want to steal and take home with you because she’s like a 27 year old living in a 3 year olds body) you get really, really sad to see them go.  We took one last swing around their North End neighborhood before the packed up their condo and headed West!
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Drying my tears at our very last goodbye.
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To the Graves family…may you find joy wherever life takes you!  See you in Keuka!

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