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Erica & Ian | Boston Weding Photographer

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I’m currently writing this while watching my friend’s daughter and my boys. I am maintaining my title of “Worst Babysitter Ever” by sitting on the couch next to them, working, while they sit next to me watching Netflix with glazed over eyes. Don’t worry, I did let them eat sugar right before dinner to ruin their appetite and will probably let them jump on the couch after. I am curiously glancing back to the Nest camera they have set up on their bookshelf that is pointed right my way and wondering if they’re out watching the footage and shaking their head in disappointment at my lack of engagement with their child and my own. Think they’ll ever want me to help them out again? I’m highly doubting that one. But everyone is safe and I am letting them take turns picking out what show they are watching so all in all I give myself at least a one-star review. GO ME!

I can’t feel too guilty about neglecting these kids because I have some good stuff I need to share, like Erica and Ian’s Labelle Winery wedding from earlier this month. We got an amazing weekend to celebrate these two, the perfect late-summer Saturday that set the tone for a stress free and gorgeous day. Erica looked so stinking gorgeous on her wedding. I don’t think I’ve seen anyone wear a dress (with pockets!) better and Ian looked so handsome. They had an emotional wedding that was filled with so much happiness and a few tears, specifically from the men who love Erica the most. It was so sweet to watch Ian, her dad, and her brother, watch her. I wonder if she knows how lucky she is to be loved so much? She does, however, deserve every bit of it because she has such a big heart.

I am so happy for these two and happy for myself that they found me.

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The second look was still as emotional as the first.
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2019-09-30_0030.jpgPin thisimageSo happy together.

2019-09-30_0024.jpgPin thisimageCongratulations Erica and Ian. I hope every day is as happy as this one!

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