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Keeping this baby short and sweet because I have five minutes to write it and five minutes to get my booty to my next appointment!

I loved this wedding. Erica and Doug are so sweet (and Real Housewives fans so A+ in my book!) but unfortunately the weather decided to be a pain in the rear. It was supposed to be sunny all day but instead it downpoured at the exact same time that Erica and Doug were supposed to say “I do” at their gorgeous outdoor ceremony. Luckily these two were flexible and didn’t flinch when we had to make a last minute change and move to the indoor reception hall to have the ceremony.  I give them a ton of credit.  Everyone was a little anxious as we stood in the cold rain which was a surprise in August–and there was a delay due to the hotel having to set up chairs etc., but neither Erica or Doug made a big deal about it.  They remained unflustered and focused on the real purpose of the day.

Wanna take a look?

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2019-09-24_0055.jpgPin thisimageSo happy you two can ride any wave together.
2019-09-24_0054.jpgPin thisimageThank you for letting me share this day with you guys, for being so cool despite the weather, and for being such an amazing couple!

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