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Whelp, this is not exactly how I planned to use the blog, but here we are people!  (Actually, I had every intent to use the next few weeks to update my blog so I’d never have to direct people to this blog that I made five years ago but that’s on the back burner for the unforeseeable future.  Just imagine this blog looking super modern and sleek with a side of sass, ok?).

First up at COVID Academy is the schedule I created (based off the awesome one made my Jessica McHale Photography’s original version) aimed at PreK and Kindergarten students.  I purposely didn’t add times to this so you don’t feel completely tied to this.  Also, I tried to explicitly state where there would be parental supervision vs. when the students would be on their own–because mama needs to stuff done during these next few weeks.  My advice: DO NOT FEEL TIED TO THE SCHEDULE.  (I feel like my life coach is probably cringing right now as I say that as she has been trying to get me to stick to my own schedule for weeks now!!) But life happens, some stuff takes longer, some stuff your kids will be into one day and not into the next day.  For kids this age, and in a situation like this, it’s OK to navigate away.  Don’t kill yourself for it!  Snag the schedule here: CVOID 19 Schedule for PreK and K

Next, the world is a wonderful place and SO MANY people are doing free live exercise classes and children’s classes.  I’ve complied a list of those resources in my highlights on instagram that you can access under “COVID Academy”.

If you’re in Charlestown and participating in the SHAMROCK HUNT tomorrow, the map is here!  The hunt will start tomorrow anytime after 9:30 am.

Stay tuned for updates!  And most importantly, STAY HEALTHY!

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